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Buy my motorhome? If you want to sell your motorhome what are your options? Well there are four main options, and each has its merits. Below we describe the pros and cons of each.

Ask Sell My Motorhome to buy my motorhome

At Sell My Motorhome we are all about speed and convenience. Buying motorhomes is all we do and what we are totally focused on. No one reacts more quickly to your enquiry than we do. We will make you an immediate cash offer and if we reach agreement, we will arrange payment and book a driver in immediately to come and collect your motorhome at no cost to you. Yes, you might be able to get a slightly better price if you try and sell your motorhome yourself privately. But that takes time, requires on front advertising costs and has no guarantee of success.

Sell Your Motorhome on Brokerage

The advantage of selling your motorhome on brokerage is that you stand a chance of getting a better price. But you must use a good, reputable company like Motorhome Depot. A good motorhome broker will widely advertise your motorhome on a no sale, no fee basis so there are no up front costs. Although again, this can take time and is not an instant cash option.

Sell Your Motorhome to a Dealer

The benefit of selling to a dealer is that it can be quick. Buy that assumes that the dealers you speak to are buying at that moment and are interested in your particular type of motorhome – they can be choosy! And of course, their offer will be low because they need to make a profit and have large overheads to cover.

Sell Your Motorhome Privately

If you get lucky you can get decent prices selling privately. But there are up front costs, you have to be prepared for tyre kickers, like negotiating and be prepared to take the risk that the payment is genuine.

Sell Your Motorhome on Sale or Return

Of the options available to you, this is the one that carries the most risk. Recently there was another example of motorhome and caravan owners losing their vehicles without getting paid for them. They put them on the forecourt of St Andrews motorhomes on a sale or return basis. The dealer sold them without telling the owners and then went into liquidation. It is not the first time this has happened and we cannot recommend this as a way to sell your motorhome.

So, there are your options. Buy my motorhome? If it is a quick, easy sale you want, than contact Sell My Motorhome today. Start by getting your free motorhome valuation.


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