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If you are thinking “I want someone to buy my motorhome”, you may have a wish list of exactly how you want that to happen. Here at Sell My Motorhome, we speak to people just like you every day and so think we have a pretty good idea of what people want from a motorhome buyers service like ours. Below is a summary of the key points of our service – hopefully, it will look very similar to your wish list!

Buy my motorhome quickly

If you want to sell your motorhome quickly, then we can certainly help you with that. Our team are literally manning their computers and phones throughout the day, just waiting for your enquiry. You will get an immediate response and we can set the wheels in motion right away.

Buy my motorhome for a fair price

Our dedicated team of motorhome valuers are dealing with motorhome valuations all day, every day. No one is better qualified to value a motorhome. When you contact us, you will not help but be impressed with the in depth knowledge of our team. They will be happy to discuss the current market, what similar motorhomes have just sold for and your current motorhome valuation. They will do all they can to provide you with the sort of up to the minute information that you need to understand your motorhome valuation.

Buy my motorhome at the value you quoted me

This has to be everyone’s pet hate about online buying services. They give you a valuation over the phone and then try to reduce the selling price at the point of purchase. We don’t. Firstly, we know how much it annoys people when this happens and how badly it reflects on a business. Secondly, it doesn’t make financial sense for us to do this. It costs a lot of money to send our drivers out to collect the motorhomes we buy. We can’t afford wasted journeys! What works best for us is when our customers describe the condition of their motorhome accurately. We don’t mind if it isn’t in perfect condition, we just need to know. Tell exactly how it is and we’ll guarantee to pay you the amount we offered.

Buy my motorhome securely

We have been buying motorhomes from the public for many years. Our financial systems are secure and you will have cleared funds in your bank account before you release the keys to us. There is not a more secure way to sell your motorhome.

Buy my motorhome without any fuss

Our goal is to make the process of selling your motorhome as painless and hassle free as it can be. All it takes is one phone call or to fill out our online motorhome valuation form. We will agree a value, pay you and send a driver to pick up your motorhome. Simple.

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FREE VALUATION We guarantee the valuation of your
motorhome. If it is as you described it
to us then we guarantee the price!