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How Campervan Valuations are Changing

Something interesting has happened to used campervan valuations in recent times. But to get to the bottom of it, first we need to put campervans in context. What is a campervan? Well it’s different things to different people. For some, it is the generic term they use for any sort of motorhome. However, there is a general consensus that a campervan is a van conversion. To put it crudely, a converted commercial van. (Don’t worry, I’ll make amends for this description shortly!)

Of course, for many people the word campervan conjures up thoughts of the classic old air cooled VW campers. Many of us have fond memories of when we were young, bowling along with that sense of freedom that the little Dubber offered. As well as not so fond memories of pulling over to let the engine cool down and regain its composure after spells in traffic!

The Dubber was a grand thing. Strange then that for so many years afterwards, the campervan market was somewhat stuck in a rut. The bottom of the motorhome food chain, attracting the least amount of innovation. Things picked up a little during 1990’s as good independent converters started to improve the quality of conversions. In the 2000’s, major motorhome manufacturers started to take a real interest which saw another leap forward. But have you seen what it being produce now?

New Developments

The big motorhome manufacturers have finally taken a real shine to this market. In recent years they have devoted some genuine resources to the campervan market and it shows. There is a huge range of new campervans available. They boast really well thought out design, maximising the limited amount of space available. There are many options of layout. Fittings and the quality of finishing can be right up there with the most expensive motorhomes. They are light years away from the old Dubber and the description “Van conversion” certainly doesn’t seem to do them justice.

New Campervan Values

However, this does of course all come at a cost. On the plus side, they drive very well, they are comfortable, they don’t suffer from damp and they are a home from home. But, £80,000 for a campervan? That does sound a lot, but it depends on how you look at it. New campervans broadly fall within a price range of £40,000 to £80,000.

At £40,000 you could argue that you are getting access to the open road and adventure for the cost of a middle market car. Bargain! But at £80,000, have you seen what sort of full-blown motorhome that buys? There is no right or wrong to this discussion. It is just interesting how far the campervan market has come recently and what fantastic machines are being built.

Used Campervan Values

All of this or course, has had an impact on the used campervan market and used campervan valuations. Campervans are no longer the poor relation of the motorhome world. They are a strong niche with wide appeal and a fantastic offering. As new prices have gone up and up, inevitably they have tended to drag used campervan prices up with them. Which of course is great news if you have a campervan to sell!

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