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Is It a Good Time to Sell My Motorhome?

When is The Best Time to Sell Your Motorhome?

There is an ongoing discussion in the campervan world about when the best time is to sell your motorhome. Or to put it another way, when will I get the best motorhome valuation and highest price for my motorhome. There are two factors to consider here. Seasonality and the method you choose to sell your motorhome.

As you would expect, seasonality has an impact – you are likely to do better in May  than in December. But perhaps more important is the route you choose to sell your motorhome and in fact, these two things work together. Let me explain:

Selling You Campervan in the Winter

If you think it’s time to sell my motorhome in December this is how the method of selling your camper can have an effect – selling your motorhome privately, you will be lucky to attract any interest at all, let alone a sensible offer. Selling your motorhome to a dealer, you may get lucky, but it just depends on whether the dealer is buying at that time of year, which is after all their quietest month. And even if they are, you are probably going to be offered a low price for your motorhome in December. If you choose to sell your camper van to www.sellmymotorhome.com you will find that our service and the price we offer you will be exactly what you would be offered at any other time during the year – a fair price, immediate payment and free collection.

Selling Your Campervan in the Summer

If you think it is time to sell my motorhome in the summer, you stand a better chance if selling privately albeit with the usual caveats of dealing with tyre kickers, now shows and secure payment concerns, a motorhome dealer may offer you a better price if they are buying campervans at that time and of course you know what you will get from www.sellmymotorhome.com – a fair price, immediate payment and free collection.

So yes, seasonality does effect motorhome valuations and motorhome sales, but it all depends on how you choose to sell my motorhome – although not if you sell to www.sellmymotorhome.com.

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