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How Do I Sell My Motorhome to Get the Best Result?

What is the Best Way to Sell My Motorhome?

We are often asked, “What is the best way to sell my motorhome?”. Well, there is no easy answer to that question. Or to be more accurate, the answer to the question depends on what you are hoping to achieve.  This article looks at the different ways to sell your motorhome and how each fairs against the objectives people commonly set out to achieve.

We have chosen to compare the most common ways of selling a motorhome: to a specialist motorhome buyer like Sellmymotorhome.com, through a motorhome broker like Motorhome Depot, by advertising it privately yourself, by selling to a motorhome dealer or by giving it to someone to try and sell on a “Sale or return” basis. So let’s get started and first of all look at the best options for selling a motorhome quickly.

How do I Sell My Motorhome Quickly?

The best choice for selling quickly, is to a specialist buyer. Sellmymotorhome.com have funds available and drivers on standby to collect. We have been known to pay for and collect motorhomes within 24 hours of receiving the initial enquiry from motorhome sellers. Motorhome dealers can also execute quick payments, but first you have to find a dealer that wants to buy your particular motorhome and take it to them to look at – this can take quite a while and be very time consuming if the dealer is not local to you.

How do I  Sell My Motorhome for Free?

Again, specialist motorhome buyers and motorhome dealers come out top when it comes to selling your motorhome for free. Neither charge any fees and Sellmymotorhome.com evens comes and collects your motorhome from you without charge, no matter where you are based in the UK.

How do I Sell My Motorhome Easily?

Specialist motorhome buyers clearly come out top when it comes to making the sale of your motorhome easy. All it takes is one phone call. With Sellmymotorhome.com we agree a price over the phone, make a secure bank transfer into your bank account and come and collect your motorhome from you. It really could not be any easier for you.

How do I Sell My Motorhome for the Best Price?

There isn’t a guaranteed answer to this question. But selling privately or through a motorhome broker should get you the best price. The difference between the two is that with selling your motorhome privately, you take the risk by having to pay the up-front advertising costs. The final price you achieve will also be based on how good a negotiator you are! When selling through a motorhome broker like Motorhome Depot, they list the motorhome for sale, incur the up-front advertising costs  and do the negotiating for you. A less risky and altogether more pleasant experience than trying to deal with private buyers yourself!

How do I Sell My Motorhome Securely?

Unfortunately, fraud is becoming rife in the motorhome market, so this is an important question. Largely the answer will boil down to the company you are dealing with and being vigilant yourself. The number one rule here, is to make sure you have cleared funds in your bank account from the buyer before you release the keys and documents. A dealer can go bust and a nice private buyer can turn out to be a fraudster, so don’t take any chances. At Sellmymotorhome.com we always make sure our customers have cleared funds in their bank account. We like to make sure that our customers check their bank account and are happy they have received payment from us, before we ask them to release the keys.

Sale or Return

You may have noticed that the one method of selling a motorhome that has not been mentioned in this article so far is sale or return. There is a very good reason for this. Sale or return entails leaving your motorhome with a third party, usually a dealer, in the hope that they will sell it for you. The idea is that you get a good price and the dealer gets a brokerage commission. This method it not quick, easy, free or the route to getting the best price. Most importantly, it is not guaranteed to be secure.

Unlike “On driveway” motorhome brokers like Motorhome Depot, where your motorhome stays with you, with sale or return you are trusting your motorhome and keys to a third party. Of course, most dealers are trustworthy and financially secure. However, there have been instances of dealers going into liquidation having sold off their sale or return stock, leaving the owners with a total loss on their motorhomes. We do no recommend this as a method for selling your motorhome.

So, if you are thinking of selling your motorhome and want the route that is quick, easy, secure and free contact us today on 01909 495281 or click free online motorhome valuation.


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