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Who Are the Best Motorhome Buyers?

When you do a web search for motorhome buyers, all sorts of business come up. Companies like sellmymotorhome.com, motorhome dealers, motorhome brokers, advertising sites and so on. But if you have used the search term motorhome buyers, it probably means you want to find someone that will buy your motorhome as quickly and easily as possible. So in this article, we’ll have a little trot through the different types of companies that appear under this search term and how they match up.

Motorhome Advertising Sites

This includes companies like Autotrader, Gumtree and Ebay. Obviously they don’t actually buy motorhomes. They aim to introduce you to a buyer for your motorhome by advertising on their sites. So if you want a fast, simple sale, you can rule these guys out from the start.

Motorhome Brokers

Motorhome brokers like Motorhome Depot do a lot more than just advertise your motorhome. They provide a full service, rather like an estate agent. However, again, they do not actually buy your motorhome but hope to introduce to a buyer. So again, not ideal if you are looking for a quick, easy sale.

Motorhome Dealers

Now, some motorhome dealers will actually buy your motorhome directly from you. Either in part-exchange for a new one, or possibly as a stand alone transaction. So this could be a solution for you. However, there are a couple of potential drawbacks of selling to a dealer. Firstly, they expect you to go to them. Depending on where they are, this can be very inconvenient and time consuming. The other issue with this is that you are now on their home ground, so to speak. This favours their sales techniques and sometimes it is easier to say yes, than think about driving all the way home again in your unsold motorhome. In fairness to dealers, they do have big overheads to cover and really do need to buy at the lowest possible price to make a profit.

Motorhome Buyers

Finally, there are the true motorhome buyers – companies like ours. All we do is buy motorhomes all day long. We’re specialists. In order to survive in this competitive market we have to be very good at what we do. And that means making the process as quick, painless and friendly as possible for our customers.

We agree a price with you over the phone. Arrange to come and collect it for free at a time to suit you. And we stand by our valuations – there won’t be any last minute haggling. Simple.

To sell your motorhome right now, call us on 01909 495281 or go to motorhome valuation.

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