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Sell My Campervan – How Do I Prepare?

It’s Time to Sell My Campervan – So How Do I Prepare?

When it comes to selling your campervan, as with most things in life, it pays to prepare properly. However, the amount of time, effort and money you have to put into that preparation, rather depends on how you are intending to sell your campervan. Yes, you want to get the best price for you campervan, but there is little point spending time and money on it if you are going to sell it to someone who doesn’t care. So, below we are going to look at the basics of preparing your campervan for sale, which you should do regardless. Then we’ll look at the different ways to sell your campervan and the amount of preparation that is required for each.

The Basic Preparations

No matter how you are planning to sell your motorhome, there are some basic preparations that you need to do. Yes, the dreaded paperwork! Firstly, you need to collect together all of the relevant documents. The MOT certificate, the V5 document, any manufacturer manuals and warranties,  any service history on the campervan and anything else that might be helpful. If you have any information and warranties to do with accessories you’ve had fitted, that would also be useful.

Is there any finance outstanding on your campervan? If yes, find the paperwork, because you will need this. Either to take care of settlement yourself or to pass on to a dealer if they offer to settle for you. One last thought. Did you get a vehicle history check done when you bought the camper? If you have never had the vehicle checked, it might be worth doing it yourself now. It will give you a chance to resolve any outstanding issues that you are unaware of or at least be prepared for any problems that arise. And, assuming it is all clear, you can pass it on to the buyer.

Finally, go through your campervan and remove ALL personal belongings and things that shouldn’t be in there. Check every locker, nook and cranny. Once it leaves you, you’ll have a hard time getting anything back. You’d be amazed at what gets left in campervans by sellers.

How Are You Selling Your Motorhome?

Now we come to the heart of this subject. The amount of preparation required, depends on how you are selling:

Selling to sellmymotorhome.com

If you are selling to a specialist campervan buyer like sellmymotorhome.com, there is no need for any further preparation for sale. Well, maybe a quick clean if it really needs it – even professional motorhome buyers like that! But that’s all. We can see past imperfections, a bit of grime, knocks and dings. We value the underlying vehicle. It really doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of time and money repairing minor faults, getting it valeted and trying to make it look new. It won’t effect the value to the extent that it justifies all that effort. After all, that is what our campervan buying service is all about – making it quick and easy for you!

Selling to a Dealer

If you are aiming to sell your campervan to a dealer, it is a slightly different story. Understandably, most dealers are quite particular about the stock they offer for sale. Most like them to be in very good order. So if they are presented with a dirty campervan that has some wear and tear and minor damage, that just looks like a problem to them. It is going to take man hours and money to get back to showroom condition. So in this situation, there may be a trade-off to consider. It makes sense to make your campervan look as good as possible, without spending a lot of money on it.

Selling Through a Broker or Privately

If you are thinking of selling through a motorhome broker or privately, this is where you will have to think hardest about preparation for sale. In both cases, a private buyer will be looking at your campervan. Naturally, they are the most fussy and least interested in doing work to a campervan. They are easily put off by small problems and basic cleanliness. So do everything you can to present the campervan in its best light. If there are any repairs or maintenance required, you should consider doing this before putting it up for sale. Whereas with a professional motorhome buyer they will just fact it into the price, a private buyer won’t. They are likely to be put off buying it.

What to do now

The starting point is to get a free valuation. Have a chat with one of our friendly valuers. If we can tempt you with a good price, you may not have to do any preparations at all! We’ll simply turn up, pay you and drive your campervan away. Simple! Call us now on 01909 495281 or click campervan valuation.

Sell My Campervan

Sell My Campervan

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