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We Buy Any Motorhome

We Buy Any Motorhome

At Sell My Motorhome we claim that we buy any motorhome. Actually we also say that we buy any campervan. This article tells you a little bit more about how our business works and why we are able to do this. In a previous article we looked at what makes Sell My Motorhome different. Here we are looking at how this enables us to buy your motorhome, no matter what it is.

We Buy Any Campervan As Well!

Here is how we are able to say we buy your motorhome or we buy your campervan no matter what it is. Our business has been a specialist buyer of motorhome and campervans for many years. You could say we pioneered this area of business. Coincidentally, We Buy Any Car started at about the same time, so maybe it was just an idea whose time had come?

We had been in the motorhome and campervan business for many years prior to establish Sell My Motorhome. And one thing we noticed over the years, was that the sale of used motorhomes was not an efficient market. There were always thousands of people trying to sell their motorhome at any given time. But also, we knew that there were many motorhome dealers looking to buy motorhomes. But there was a disconnect between the sellers and the would-be buyers. There was no middle-man. No enabler that knew what both buyer and seller wanted and could put the two parties together.

Our Business Model

Quite simply, we decided to become the missing cog in the machine. There was clearly a market for someone that could connect the people that wanted to buy, to the people that wanted to sell. And in so doing, we would be helping both parties. Sell My Motorhome was born! You already know how the business works from your end. You simply request a free campervan valuation and we get in touch with your valuation and an offer to buy your campervan.

What you may not know, is how the other half of the transaction works. Through our years in the industry we have built up a large network of friendly motorhome dealers and traders. We are in regular touch with these guys and we know what they want to buy and when they want to buy. So when we are offered a motorhome or campervan for sale, we already know who will want to buy it. We simply buy your motorhome or campervan and trade it on at a small profit. This makes the market highly efficient. You don’t have to traipse around endless dealers, trying to find one that wants to buy. The dealers don’t have to spend their time and money hunting down new stock. A win, win!

It is this extensive network of contacts that enable us to say we buy any motorhome. The higher end dealers only want to buy higher priced stock. The middle range dealers want middle priced stock. Some of the smaller local dealers will look to buy lower priced stock. Some even actively seek motorhome and campervans needing repair. So, you can see, are able to buy anything and everything, because we have buyers for it.

Sell Motorhome or Sell Campervan

So, if you want to sell your motorhome or campervan, you know where to come! Start by getting your free online motorhome valuation here, or call us on 01909 495281.


we buy any motorhome

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