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What Makes Sell My Motorhome Different

Sell My Motorhome to a Specialist

In our previous article we looked at the various options available to you when you come to think it is time to sell my motorhome. Within those options was a group you could broadly describe as motorhome buyers. However, not all motorhome buyers are made equal! Whilst all of these “Motorhome buyers” will tell you they want to buy your motorhome, in this article we will briefly explain the difference between a specialist motorhome buyer and those for whom it is not the main function of their business.

Non-Specialist Motorhome Buyers

If you break the sentence “Non-specialist motorhome buyers” down into two separate parts, you get the two “Pretenders”. Firstly, non-specialist. These tend to be motorhome dealers. They claim to want to buy your motorhome, when in fact they don’t. A motorhome dealer gets most of its stock from manufacturers supplying new motorhomes or from part exchanges. However sometimes, there is still a gap on the forecourt. When there is, this is when they want to actively buy a motorhome, either from another dealer on in the open market. And that is why they place advertising saying they want to buy your motorhome.

But there are a few hurdles to doing this. They need to be in buying mode. They require having a member of staff free from all of their other obligations to speak to you. Your motorhome needs to fit their typical used stock profile – make, layout, age, mileage, price etc. You need to be willing to accept a price that allows them to add a dealer margin to it. And you probably need to be patient – buying a used motorhome will not be at the top of their priority list with a showroom full of stock to sell.

Motorhome Buyers That Aren’t Really Motorhome Buyers!

The other “Pretenders” to the name of motorhome buyers, are those companies which actually don’t buy the motorhomes at all. They are just introducers. They are effectively scouts for motorhome dealers. They will agree a price with a motorhome seller and agree to collect and pay for it. However, it is not them that do this. The “Opportunity to buy the motorhome” is passed to a motorhome dealer who will then send one of their own employees to conclude the transaction. Inevitably this leads to a further negotiation on price.

The Sell My Motorhome Difference

What makes Sell My Motorhome different in the market place is that we are a dedicated buyer of motorhomes. It is all we do. This means that as a motorhome seller, you benefit in three important ways.

Firstly, speed. We have no other tasks or distractions. Our valuers and back up team are literally waiting for your call. Our systems are designed to provide fast decisions, fast payment and immediate collection of your motorhome. Secondly, we will literally buy any motorhome. We do not have a stock profile. Any make, model, age or condition – we will buy it. No need to hunt around for the right buyer, when you contact Sell My Motorhome, you know we will buy your motorhome. Thirdly, we will stand by our offer. There are no middle men, no third parties to deal with. You will speak to our valuers, our driver and our accounts team. If your motorhome is as you described to us on the phone, you will be paid the agreed amount without discussion.

So, if you are thinking about speaking to a motorhome buyer, speak to a specialist. If you want a fast, dependable sale, no matter what you are selling, speak to Sell My Motorhome. Start by getting your free motorhome valuation.

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