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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the valuation of my motorhome completely free?

Yes. We make no charge for our valuations and you can come back to us at any time for an updated valuation.

Is there a fee if I decide not to sell my motorhome to you?

No. If you ask for a valuation there is no commitment to sell us your motorhome and no fee for the valuation if you choose not to.

What is the valuation based on?

Experience and up to the minute market knowledge. Unfortunately, there is no "Trade book" for motorhomes as there is for cars, where you can get an instant valuation. Motorhomes are produced in much lower numbers, have many more variations, are often modified by the owners and prices fluctuate with the market.

Fortunately, valuing and buying motorhomes is what we do all day everyday and no one has a better understanding of current prices than us. Our valuations are fair and accurate based on our daily exposure to the market.

Is your collection service free?

Yes. We make no charge for coming to collect your motorhome from your home or place of your choice.

What sort of motorhomes do you buy?

Any sort. Any make, model, age or mileage – we are interested in buying every sort of motorhome and we will always give a free valuation.

What is "Subject to Inspection"?

When we come to collect the motorhome from you our technician will check the motorhome over just to make sure it is exactly as you described it to us and therefore, that our valuation was accurate. Please don't take it personally! Mistakes can be made, things can surface that were not readily apparent and of course, we have to do a damp check.

Ideally, nothing unexpected will surface and we can complete the deal quickly and efficiently at the original valuation – after all, what we really want is a happy customer that will say nice things about us!

What if I have outstanding finance on the motorhome?

Motorhome finance can be a bit baffling, but we are here to help. When we contact you with your valuation, just tell us about the finance you have and what you are hoping to do with it. We'll answer any questions you may have and point you in the right direction.

How quickly can the transaction happen?

That depends on you. Typically it might take a few days from start to finish, but customers who have wanted a quick sale have had the money in their bank within 24 hours.

Exactly how do you pay me?

Using the quickest and safest route, which is by bank transfer. You will be able to check that the funds have cleared in your bank account before releasing the keys to our driver.

How do I start the process?

Just enter your registration number in the box at the top of this page and then enter the details about your motorhome as shown.

FREE VALUATION We guarantee the valuation of your
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