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Why Choose Us To Buy Your Motorhome

It's So Easy!

Yes, that's the main reason so many people choose to use us – we make it so easy for you. By the end of today, you could have agreed a price for your motorhome with us and already made the arrangements for us to collect your motorhome without cost to you. We have had customers who have had their money in the bank and their motorhome off their driveway within 24 hours of first contacting us!

Price Guarantee

Whether it's a private buyer kicking your tyres and sucking their breath in between their teeth, a clever salesman playing with figures to make a part-exchange deal look complicated or an online buyer that gives you a "Ball-park" figure before coming to haggle you down, there are countless ways you can get knocked down on the price for your motorhome.

That is where makes it simple for you. No fuss – we guarantee the price. If your motorhome is as you described it to us, we'll buy your motorhome at the price agreed – simple for you and us.

Secure Payment

Well, we've all heard the stories of cheques bouncing, dealers going bust and even out-and-out fraudsters preying on motorhome sellers. At we give you peace of mind – you will not be asked to part with the keys to your motorhome until your bank can verify that cleared funds are in your account. That's absolute security for you.

Assistance with Settling Finance

Vehicle finance can be a little baffling and over the years we have helped many customers who have had outstanding finance on their motorhomes when they come to sell. Most people who buy on finance aren't interested in the details – they just want to know what the repayments will be and for how long. Our role here is simply lend you the benefit of our experience in these matters, make things as easy for you as possible and make sure you don't get any nasty surprises. We don't charge for this service – we just want selling your motorhome to be as painless as possible.

Become a Cash Buyer

One of the reasons our customers use us is that experience has taught them that they get a much better deal as a cash buyer when they come to buy their next motorhome. Whether you buy privately or from a motorhome dealer, it is not hard to see why. The last thing a private seller wants to see is another tyre kicker who "Has one to sell first" and a dealer loves nothing more than a nice clean cash sale. Selling now, could save you thousands on your next purchase

How Else Could You Sell Your Motorhome?

Of course, there are other ways to sell your motorhome. But whether it's racking up the advertising costs of selling privately and having strangers coming to your door, or phoning around and haggling with dealers, we can guarantee there is no simpler, easier way to sell your motorhome than through!

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FREE VALUATION We guarantee the valuation of your
motorhome. If it is as you described it
to us then we guarantee the price!