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At Sell My Motorhome our goal is to make selling your motorhome as easy and painless as possible. We understand the problems of selling a motorhome and we aim to take those problems away for you. So, here’s the process: firstly, you will need an accurate and free motorhome valuation to determine the value of your vehicle. You can either get an online motorhome valuation from us by entering your registration details in the yellow box above, or you can phone us and speak to one of our experienced motorhome valuers to discuss your motorhome’s value in person.

Having valued your motorhome we will make you a cash offer to buy your motorhome there and then. We understand that once you have made the decision to sell your motorhome, you want a quick resolution, and once we agree a motorhome price with you, we are ready to move! If you decide to accept the offer and sell your motorhome to us, we will arrange payment and collection of your motorhome as soon as is convenient with you.

Importantly, you can rest assured that we will honour our motorhome valuation. When we collect a motorhome, if it is as described to us, we guarantee our motorhome prices. No haggling, no more discussion about the price, we just want you to be happy and to collect the motorhome with as little fuss as possible. You can find out more about this in our Motorhome Buyers Guide.

We Buy Any Motorhome

You will often see us say the words “we buy any motorhome” here at Sell My Motorhome and you may wonder whether or not this statement is correct. We can tell you that we certainly do buy any motorhome. We are specialists in valuing and purchasing your second hand motorhome, so you can always rest assured that we will offer you an amazing deal on your motorhome. Whether your motorhome is a couple of years old and is in perfect condition, or it has been in the family for years and has some wear and tear, the saying still holds true – we buy any motorhome. If you are unsure what to do and find yourself asking “How do I sell my motorhome?", get in touch with us and we will assist you through the entire process, starting from the valuation of your vehicle.

Selling a motorhome or campervan first requires a valuation which tend to be one and the same thing, as they are interchangeable terms for the same vehicles. However, people often mean smaller van conversions when they refer to campers, which is why camper valuations tend to be different from campervan and motorhomes. However, don't worry, we are also major camper buyers and we will buy your camper. Similarly, RV is a specific term relating to larger, usually American motorhomes. RV valuations are a very different category. However, we are a regular buyer of RV's and know the market and values of RV's well and we will gladly buy your RV.

In short, whether you are selling your motorhome, campervan, RV or camper, we will buy it. So, no need to waste time and money trying to sell your motorhome privately, or drive around the country trying to find out whether your motorhome might be of interest to a motorhome dealer, we'll buy it right now.

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Selling Your Campervan Online

As one of the UK's leading Buy My Campervan specialists, we have put dozens of UK motorhome owners' minds at rest by offering a no nonsense, fully personalised service and competitive cash offers for used and pre-owned campers of all makes and models, sizes and ages.

The UK's Best Way To Sell A Motorhome!

When you choose to sell your camper online using our services, you can rest assured that from the get go you will experience a level of convenience that is simply unmatched and unrivalled in every way. From the minute you enter your registration details until the moment your beloved camper has been collected from your doorstep by one of our friendly drivers and the money has been deposited safely into your bank account, you can relax safe in the knowledge that our Buy My Motorhome experts will pull out all of the stops to ensure the entire transaction runs as smoothly and enjoyably as humanly possible, leaving you nothing to worry about whatsoever other than a quick and easy sale.

We Buy Any Campervan

That's right, we buy any used campervan! Whether you are looking to sell a motorhome for cash such as a five berth diesel that's been in the family for a number of years, or you need to sell a recently imported model from the continent with only a few miles on the clock, we will endeavour to offer the best possible price with a level of customer service that is absolutely second to none.

Selling An RV Online The Easy Way

The fact of the matter is that selling your RV online in the UK using private listings and internet advertising can often lead to more trouble than it is worth. That's why our motor home traders have streamlined the process of selling an RV online so that nothing can go wrong whilst guaranteeing that you get the cash sum we offer without any complication. Furthermore, as highly experienced RV buyers with a wealth of expertise and knowledge, we are able to make a genuine offer on the grounds of a basic yet accurate description which we will not go back on once you have committed to selling your motorhome online to us.

Of course, you don't have to simply take our word for it. On our website, you will find a plethora of testimonials from people who have tried similar services and who have gone on to find our Buy My RV services to be the best around.

Selling Your RV Online With Confidence!

If any of the following statements apply to you, then we are certain that you will find unrivalled peace of mind by selling your RVs using our unbeatable UK service.

  • I need to sell my RV fast with a quick cash turnaround to someone who buys campervans and motor homes from any geographical location in the UK.
  • I want to sell my motorhome to experienced RV Buyers who will buy my campervan at the best possible price.
  • I am looking to sell a used motorhome or camper van to RV Traders who will consider any make or model, regardless of vehicle age, state of condition or mileage.

Selling Your Motorhome Online for Cash today.

All it takes is a simple call back from a member of our dedicated motor home buyers sales team, following the submission of your basic contact details and a bit of background information concerning your motorhome, and you could have the cash you need within 24 hours with the minimum of stress and no financial outlay whatsoever.

As one of the most successful motor home buyers in the business – we always aim to provide complete satisfaction with every deal we make with a fast and secure financial transaction which offers total peace of mind.